Ethics, Practice Management

Welcome to your Georgia Practice Advisor!

From Natalie Kelly, Director of the Law Practice Management Program

Every day I help Georgia lawyers with the issues they face on the business side of their practices.  Operating a law practice efficiently and professionally is what the Law Practice Management Program wants to help every Georgia lawyer with, and this new blog will hopefully become just another valuable and informative resource to help you get there in your own practice.   Tina and I hope you will come here to review some of the best practices in operating a successful law practice; get information on key office procedures and needs; learn about cutting edge technology; and just catch up with what the Law Practice Management Program has been up to lately.  Be sure to contact us or the appropriate service personnel at the State Bar if you have concerns or questions.

Natalie – 404-527-8770

From Tina Petrig, Assistant General Counsel

I am one of the attorneys who review and prosecute disciplinary matters for the State Bar’s Office of General Counsel.  As Natalie and I often discuss the interplay between law practice management subjects and the Rules of Professional Conduct, we thought it would be helpful to combine our suggestions on such topics in this blog.  Not all practice management topics involve ethical questions, but when we foresee that they might, I will try to at least offer a perspective on what rules may apply and resources that may be helpful to readers in avoiding ethical problems.  Please remember that my comments will be general, and if you face a particular ethical dilemma, the best resource is the Ethics Hotline at:  404.527.8720 or 800.334.6865, or by e-mail via the State Bar website.  We look forward to this new form of collaboration.

Tina – 404-527-8720

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