Practice Management

Planning for and Recovering from Disasters

There are some things in life you just can’t control.  Well, yes, we know that we can update our blog posts more often, and can control that to some extent!  However, natural and man-made disasters just happen and there is little to nothing we can do about them, except respond.

The Law Practice Management Program has long list of resources to help with disaster planning and recovery, and is working on a comprehensive guide for Georgia lawyers.  If you find you are in need of a plan – and we recommend everyone have one regardless of firm size or make up, please contact us.

Here is a list of the articles, guides, checklists and forms, we currently have compiled to aid with disaster planning and recovery:

  •  ABA Guide to Developing and Conducting Business Continuity Exercises
  • ABA Surviving a Disaster – Lawyer’s Guide to Disaster Planning
  • Avert Disasters – Protect Your Practice with Online Backup
  • Checklist for Closing a Law Practice
  • Cyber Insurance – Locked Down Information Security for Lawyers
  • Disaster Plan Expansion Examples Checklist
  • Disaster Planning – What We Have and Haven’t Learned
  • Disaster Planning Team Roster
  • Disaster Recovery – Steps to Take in Recovery Effort
  • Disaster Recovery for Law Firms – Essential Formbook IV excerpt
  • Plan a Disaster Recovery Plan Today
  • Questions to Ask Cloud or Online Data Storage Providers
  • Resources to Help Recover from Flooding
  • When Bad Things Happen – 60 Minutes to Save Your Practice
  • Working with Disaster Recovery Specialists

To access any of these resources, please contact the Law Practice Management Program Administrative Assistant, Kim Henry, at  – 404-527-8772/800-334-6865 Ext. 8772 or the Program’s Resource Advisor, Pam Myers at – 404-526-8621/800-334-6865 Ext. 8621.

We are glad we are able to help with your planning or in the event of a disaster.


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