Practice Management

Local Headlines and the LPM Resource Library

Local papers are now reporting on the new Georgia Supreme Court ruling related to immigration.  This ruling is hot news, and if you have an Immigration practice, you are likely all over this topic area. However, if you don’t have an Immigration practice and want to learn the basics, you can check out a new ABA Fundamentals book from our LPM Resource Library – Immigration Law: A Guide to Laws and Regulations.

This new book is just one of several hundred titles available for checkout through the Bar’s LPM Resource Library. The library checkout policies and a full list of material can always be found on the Law Practice Management Program’s part of the website at  Also, we are planning some updates to the online checkout process, so look for those later this year or early next.

As a final goodie, if you want your own copy of this new immigration book, you can use the Georgia lawyers’ ABA book discount code to buy it at a discount! Just use code PAB5EGAB  when you checkout on the ABA bookstore’s website.

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