New Toys and Tools – Time and i5

You can tell we are headed towards the holidays when local stores start putting out their Halloween and Fall displays.  Insiders in legal technology can tell, too, by the release of cool toys and tools.

Here are a 3 new releases that have caught my eye over the last couple of weeks:

1) TABS3 Connect – This new service from Software Technology, Inc., allows users to access their TABS3 data – time and expense entries, client matter information and more –  on virtually any smart phone or tablet.  Users use an encrypted connection to get to their data, which is stored on your firm servers and not in STI or cloud servers.  Check out how it works at

2) Aderant’s Expert On the Go Time – This new mobile time tracking app for Aderant makes for more efficient time entry and management of billable time.  Visit to see how this product can help your firm.

3) Apple iPhone 5 – Okay, this may be a release that you think you’ve heard too much about, but there really is a lot to talk about with the latest iPhone.  First, it introduces a thinner, sleeker build and incorporates more features with the new iOS 6 running on the device.  Check out the latest comprehensive review from CNET at  I have heard that if you’re on an iPhone 4S that you can stand to stay on that device, but older phone users will enjoy the upgrade.  Also, no one seems to like the fact that you can no longer use the same power cord for charging devices.  Actually, I have chewed up so many charger cable ends, the newer ones may actually be a blessing in disguise when I plan to move to the new phone!

From time to time, we will explore gadgets and services here, and hope that you will join us by letting us know about some of the tools and toys you are hearing about, too!


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