ABA TECHSHOW 2017 Has Come and Gone!

So, we realize you haven’t heard from us in a while.  If we are ever quiet for long periods of time, it’s always likely for good reason.  This time is no exception.  Beyond our daily grind, ABA TECHSHOW was happening in Chicago from March 15th through the 17th, and as in years past, it was an awe-inspiring and time-consuming venture for those of us interested in law and technology.

The conference this year featured much more diversity in the plenary and educational track sessions.  What a great thing!  It was especially endearing to see our very own General Counsel, Paula Frederick, and Judy Perry Martinez, co-moderating the Keynote Panel discussion with the CEOs of LegalZoom, John Suh; RocketLawyer, Charley Moore;  and AVVO, Mark Britton.  Interesting thoughts were exchanged between the panelists as they navigated questions about the future of legal services given consumers’ changing needs and desires surrounding finding lawyers and legal assistance.  Spoiler Alert: There was no clear winner in this one!

TECHSHOW is always busy with attendees trying to get to know each other and learn and experience so much from educational track sessions and hundreds of vendors in a few short days.  There is just so much!  Yours truly, (me – Natalie), was interviewed alongside a few colleagues at the start of the show on the Legal Talk Network.  This session was well-received and hopefully allowed some new attendees to get ahead in navigating the conference!

TECHSHOW 2017 Legal Talk Network Interview with Dennis Kennedy, Natalie Kelly, Jim Calloway and Laurence Colletti

Well, TECHSHOW is known as the best conference for bringing lawyers and technology together, and this year’s event did just that.  If you missed it, as in years past, you can get all caught up via the ABA’s full coverage.  And, don’t forget to keep an eye out for ABA TECHSHOW 2018, which is already being planned!


Take Charge – What a Successful Solo and Small Firm Conference Looks Like

Well, I wasn’t in attendance this year, as I was out on a leave of absence.  Bummer!  But, if what I have heard since my return to work is any indication of what the attendees at this year’s Solo and Small Firm Institute enjoyed, this was a successful solo and small firm conference!  Because pictures can speak louder than words, here’s what you missed if you didn’t attend this year.

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From the bustling Exhibit Hall area to the sometimes standing-room only sessions, attendees are still talking to me about this year’s conference and telling me they are looking forward to attending next year.  You can also check out  the conference as it was featured in the Daily Report, here.

With help from the General Practice and Trial Section and other key sponsors, the Law Practice Management Program and the event’s Chair, Kathleen Womack, were able to showcase presentations from national experts – Sharon Nelson, John Simek and James “Jim” Calloway; and our very own high-profile local experts on all things solo and small firm practice! You can see all of the sessions presented and wonderful presenters listed here.  Thanks everyone for all of your dedication and hard work!

We can’t wait for you to join us next year!  Save the date. July 14th & 15th, 2017!

– Natalie



ABA TECHSHOW 2015 – Next Month in Chicago!

If you don’t already have your registration confirmation for this year’s ABA TECHSHOW, then you need to hurry and sign up!

I truly enjoyed leading the conference on last year, and having the opportunity to make it a record-breaking year for the ABA Law Practice Division’s program.  But, I am just as excited about this year.

All the information you need is at www.techshow.com.  Check out the conference schedule and find some time to get to Chicago for ABA TECHSHOW 2015!  You can also see what we’ve said about TECHSHOW in past years here and here.

P.S. There is a special State Bar of Georgia Event Promoter discount for registration.  Contact Pam Myers in the Law Practice Management Program at pamm@gabar.org or 404-527-8621 for the code before registering.


New Toys and Tools – Time and i5

You can tell we are headed towards the holidays when local stores start putting out their Halloween and Fall displays.  Insiders in legal technology can tell, too, by the release of cool toys and tools.

Here are a 3 new releases that have caught my eye over the last couple of weeks:

1) TABS3 Connect – This new service from Software Technology, Inc., allows users to access their TABS3 data – time and expense entries, client matter information and more –  on virtually any smart phone or tablet.  Users use an encrypted connection to get to their data, which is stored on your firm servers and not in STI or cloud servers.  Check out how it works at http://www.tabs3.com/video/tabs3_connect.html.

2) Aderant’s Expert On the Go Time – This new mobile time tracking app for Aderant makes for more efficient time entry and management of billable time.  Visit http://www.aderant.com/products/product_detail.aspx?id=75&categoryID=2 to see how this product can help your firm.

3) Apple iPhone 5 – Okay, this may be a release that you think you’ve heard too much about, but there really is a lot to talk about with the latest iPhone.  First, it introduces a thinner, sleeker build and incorporates more features with the new iOS 6 running on the device.  Check out the latest comprehensive review from CNET at http://www.cnet.com/iphone-5/.  I have heard that if you’re on an iPhone 4S that you can stand to stay on that device, but older phone users will enjoy the upgrade.  Also, no one seems to like the fact that you can no longer use the same power cord for charging devices.  Actually, I have chewed up so many charger cable ends, the newer ones may actually be a blessing in disguise when I plan to move to the new phone!

From time to time, we will explore gadgets and services here, and hope that you will join us by letting us know about some of the tools and toys you are hearing about, too!