ABA TECHSHOW 2017 Has Come and Gone!

So, we realize you haven’t heard from us in a while.  If we are ever quiet for long periods of time, it’s always likely for good reason.  This time is no exception.  Beyond our daily grind, ABA TECHSHOW was happening in Chicago from March 15th through the 17th, and as in years past, it was an awe-inspiring and time-consuming venture for those of us interested in law and technology.

The conference this year featured much more diversity in the plenary and educational track sessions.  What a great thing!  It was especially endearing to see our very own General Counsel, Paula Frederick, and Judy Perry Martinez, co-moderating the Keynote Panel discussion with the CEOs of LegalZoom, John Suh; RocketLawyer, Charley Moore;  and AVVO, Mark Britton.  Interesting thoughts were exchanged between the panelists as they navigated questions about the future of legal services given consumers’ changing needs and desires surrounding finding lawyers and legal assistance.  Spoiler Alert: There was no clear winner in this one!

TECHSHOW is always busy with attendees trying to get to know each other and learn and experience so much from educational track sessions and hundreds of vendors in a few short days.  There is just so much!  Yours truly, (me – Natalie), was interviewed alongside a few colleagues at the start of the show on the Legal Talk Network.  This session was well-received and hopefully allowed some new attendees to get ahead in navigating the conference!

TECHSHOW 2017 Legal Talk Network Interview with Dennis Kennedy, Natalie Kelly, Jim Calloway and Laurence Colletti

Well, TECHSHOW is known as the best conference for bringing lawyers and technology together, and this year’s event did just that.  If you missed it, as in years past, you can get all caught up via the ABA’s full coverage.  And, don’t forget to keep an eye out for ABA TECHSHOW 2018, which is already being planned!


ABA TECHSHOW 2015 – Next Month in Chicago!

If you don’t already have your registration confirmation for this year’s ABA TECHSHOW, then you need to hurry and sign up!

I truly enjoyed leading the conference on last year, and having the opportunity to make it a record-breaking year for the ABA Law Practice Division’s program.  But, I am just as excited about this year.

All the information you need is at www.techshow.com.  Check out the conference schedule and find some time to get to Chicago for ABA TECHSHOW 2015!  You can also see what we’ve said about TECHSHOW in past years here and here.

P.S. There is a special State Bar of Georgia Event Promoter discount for registration.  Contact Pam Myers in the Law Practice Management Program at pamm@gabar.org or 404-527-8621 for the code before registering.


ABA TECHSHOW 2013 – Bringing Lawyers and Technology Together

One of the favorite parts of my job is attending and participating in ABA TECHSHOW.  This annual conference brings together the world’s leading legal technology experts and boasts one of the most expansive and on-point product Expositions in legal technology today.   Yes, it’s a big deal, and I am so grateful that I get to be intimately involved with putting it together.  I currently serve as Vice Chair, and will Chair ABA TECHSHOW in 2014.

Yes, that’s very nice, but why should Georgia lawyers get involved? Well, here’s what you can expect out of the conference.  Each year, ABA TECHSHOW is a 3-day event that goes something like this:

Pre-Conference Events

Arrive in Chicago.

Attend LexThink.1 which is an innovate program that gives hand-picked (attendees vote on who will present and what topics) presenters 6 minutes to present 20 slides.  Check out this format and progrmming at http://www.pointonelaw.com/.  This program delivers a high-energy stage and start to the conference.

Pick up your conference registration materials and go through the conference bag.  Key things to take notice of are drink tickets for the Welcome Reception and the conference materials thumb drive.

Conference Day 1 –  Pick up conference registration (if you got side-tracked by the City or other pre-Conference events) and map out which programs you will attend at the show.  Stop by the Concierge Booth to get directions, if needed.

Sit in on the Welcome Plenary session to hear what this year’s conference highlights will be and get some more general directions.

Start your working your way around the Educational Sessions and get wowed during the programs with the latest in legal technology topics applicable to your practice delivered by experts.

Begin the first leg of your trek around the Exhibit Hall and meet new vendors and learn about their products and services.  You’ll get goodies – lots of goodies!

End the conference sessions for the day with the “60 in 60” program of the day.  The room is always packed!

Attend the Welcome Reception with the vendors back in the Exhibit Hall, and head out to dinner on your own or with a group for Taste of TECHSHOW.  (Dutch treat dine arounds lead by speakers from the conference.)

Conference Day 2 – Repeat with day of Educational Sessions and visits to the Vendor Hall.  End the day with a “60 in 60” session.  Room will still be packed!

Plot your plan of attack for improving technology back home!

Taste of TECHSHOW dinner, if you didn’t go last night!

Conference Day 3 – Only half-day to wind up conference.  Attend general plenary on hot topic, and finish conference with a final!

Final Day – Head back home with all you’ve learned and plan to do with legal technology!!!!

(More conference information, registration, 1st Time Experience Guide, and full schedule at www.techshow.com.)

We hope to see you in Chicago!


ABA TECHSHOW 2012 Review – What We Learned and You Should Know

On March 30th, ABA TECHSHOW 2012 was held in Chicago, IL.  As it does every year, the conference highlighted the hottest topics in legal technology and showcased expert presenters alongside a packed exhibition hall!   I traveled there as a presenter and member of the Planning Board; and I had the unique opportunity of introducing the Keynote Speaker, Ben Stein.   (There’s an incredible story behind how I met Ben after a Planning Board Meeting!  But, back to what I learned, and you should know first.  If you can’t wait for the short version of the story, it’s below!)  

Lawyers are flocking to the cloud and tablets like crazy!  But this transition is not without many questions and concerns, and the number of attendees looking for these answers was high at ABA TECHSHOW this year.  Not only did I present the opening session in the Cloud Computing track, entitled, “How to Stay Safe in the Cloud.”  I also, witnessed first-hand the largest number of attendees ever with tablet devices!  The popularity of these topics seems to have only been rivaled by the numbers turning out for the Solo and Small Firm track, which included hot topics on going paperless and being more productive.  Besides the cloud and tablets, attendees were also seeing a shift in workflow techniques being focused upon, and a number of document assembly vendors got a lot of attention at this year’s conference.  E-discovery and Advanced Topics like virtualization and mobile device management were also popular.

The conference was not shy with social events to help with networking either.  The conference was kicked off with a 6-minute- 5-slide program called LexThink.1.  Attendees voted on who would get to present, and there were no disappointments.  Steve Best, a Georgia lawyer, legal technology consultant, and new fellow TECHSHOW Planning Board member was one of the presenters, and did a great job with his session on “Passion” in the limited time and slides he had!  Each night, attendees could go out to a dutch-treat dinner called Taste of TECHSHOW with key presenters to learn more about topics presented in the educational tracks.  These dinners were popular and sold-out, too!

Okay, here’s my Ben Stein story!  After Ben Stein’s name came up as a potential keynoter in our spring TECHSHOW Planning Board meeting last year, I got on a city bus for a self-guided tour of the Palm Springs, CA area upon the recommendation of a bus driver I had encountered earlier.  To my great surprise, Ben Stein steps out of a department store elevator on one of my detours to an area mall.  We chat and exchange contact information;  the ABA Law Practice Management Section leadership negotiates a contract; and Ben Stein delivers one of the most rousing (even with no rosy predictions us attendees) Keynotes of any ABA TECHSHOW ever!    

Here’s a picture of Ben Stein, me, and Sheila Baldwin, the Bar’s Member Benefits Coordinator from my department, after his keynote presentation.

My personal highlight besides being a “personal host” of sorts to celebrity, Ben Stein, was being able to meet and talk to Georgia Bar attendees about their plans to take what they were learning back to their practices, and making pledges to spread the word about the value they received from ABA TECHSHOW.  I was happy to hear their ideas about the best way to get this information out to even more Georgia Bar members, and I will continue to work on this key objective as I take on my upcoming role as the Vice Chair of the 2013 conference, and Chair in 2014.  So, I invite you to help me out.  Let me know which legal technology concerns you have, questions you need answered, and how you’d like for us to help.  You can also look on this blog for more in-depth information about legal technology in the near future!