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Business NOT as Usual: Navigating Resources for Remote Law Practice

COVID-19 has forced almost every law firm in the country to move out of their typical office settings and into the homes of their lawyers and staff. This remote practice set up was familiar to many, but it also found several lawyers scrambling and trying to figure out which VPN to use and how to work Zoom for online meetings. And the webinars – there are just too, too many!

Resources are popping up everywhere. So this post is no different in its purpose. It simply points to some of the better places to go and get help, because it truly is NOT business as usual right now in law practice.

The State Bar of Georgia’s website will always have important information you can use whatever the climate of law in Georgia. See important information impacting you, your membership, and your practice under the Bar’s COVID-19 Updates.

The American Bar Association also does a great job at aggregating a large number of resources. Check out mental health-focused resources at ABA Mental Health COVID-19 Resources.

My friend and colleague, Bob Ambrogi, is always on top of things and his blog, Lawsites, is one of the other first places you should check out. His post, Coronavirus Resources, speaks for itself as far as help goes, and its chock full of helpful stuff including many free resources.

Another curated list by the Association of Corporate Counsel demonstrates how prolific we have had to become in addressing this modern-day pandemic. See the ACC’s expansive resource list at here.

Keeping an eye on social media and other headlines has led me to even more resources you may find useful, particularly if you have remote working concerns. Check out:

There should be plenty here to help you out if you need to fine-tune the way you are working from home; and if you are not in need of assistance with working remotely, you should still have plenty here to occupy your time while navigating this pandemic.

Stay safe and wash your hands!

– Natalie

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