That One Thing – The Hottest Thing from ABA TECHSHOW 2020!

I love going to ABA TECHSHOW because I get so excited about what I’m going to learn and who I’ll get to see. The conference is held in Chicago each year, and I have the privilege of also managing the ongoing Best of ABA TECHSHOW webinar series for the ABA as a part of my sitting on the Law Practice Division’s Professional Development Board. Cool right!?

Well, I won’t keep you waiting, I think the one thing that I saw – well, actually heard about, because I had a conflicting meeting at the time of the winner announcement –  was the home-town winner of the Startup Pitch competition – Billseye! It is a time tracking solution for mobile phones, and it is super simple but super powerful in the grand scheme of professional legal time tracking.

It works like this. When a call comes into your phone there is typically a red button to decline the call and a green button to answer the call. With Billseye, you will be presented with another button – a blue button, that when pressed automatically means you are tracking a client or matter-related call, and it lets you determine which client. A report of the time log is created in a transferable format, and entries can be sent to the most popular practice management applications via an integration. Very cool!

See the full rundown on the winning service at or visit the company website,

– Natalie

1 thought on “That One Thing – The Hottest Thing from ABA TECHSHOW 2020!”

  1. Capturing billable calls needed innovation. One can only imagine how painful it was going through phone records and manually highlighting what were billable calls for that month. But BillsEye isn’t the only one. There’s a company from Africa tackling this issue as well – CallPesa

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